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Deus Ex Machina started off a few years ago in Sydney, Australia. So far, they’ve reached and branched to Bali and California and they seem unstoppable. With their philosophy of giving their customers the whole sensation, the satisfaction of every kind in relation to simple pleasures, they’ve won me over quite some time ago. Because, as I am being told, Australia is some number of kilometers away from Europe, it is impossible for me to get a motorcycle done by them. That is why I opted for purchasing a wallet instead of a bike. They say it’s genuine leather, but it smells a bit plasticish. No matter, I still love them. However, some of you lucky ones may live close to Deus and may want to get yourself one of these beautiful bikes – or just look at the pictures of the bikes and carry a wallet, like I do.

The picks:
SR420 Cafe | $16,990 AUD
2003 model with 528 kms. SR donk expanded to 420cc with flowed head and round slide carb. A Deus favourite.


Norton Commando 750 | $14,990 AUD
1972 model with 30,212 miles. A well sorted beastie with go fast Combat internals.


SR400 Hardtail Kit | $14,500 AUD
2003 model with 556kms. An every day brat style ride. Custom alloy abounds. Learner approved.


W650 Hardtail | $16,900 AUD
2001 model with 20,000kms. An every day hardtail by Deus. Great sound and a perfect ride.


1969 T120R Triumph | $14,990 AUD
Lipstick red Triumph with matching engine and chassis numbers. 1969 model with 6,112 miles. Direct from Meriden UK via west coast USA. A highly desirable unit construction 650 in fantastic condition and ready to ride.


Blue XS650 | $12,990 AUD
1972 model 4,880kms in factory blue. Without doubt the most original and best example of this rare electric assist model.


1973 King Kenny XS650 | $13,500 AUD
1973 model with 1,000kms. Slide like Kenny R on this fully rebuilt 750cc Street Tracker.


BMS R90S | $17,990 AUD
1975 model with 30,000kms. Totally original and an absolute stunner. BMW’s classic boxer.


W800 Cafe | $17,990 AUD
2011 model with 1,800kms. Deus enhanced with a host of top shelf components.


HD L17T Grass Tracker | $29,000 AUD
1000cc Grass Tracker. Excellent example in running order and ready to race.


MT01 | $17,990 AUD
2005 model with 4,488kms. A brutal 1700cc DEUS Street Tracker. When too much is barely enough.


Oddjob SR542 | $17,990 AUD
2004 model with 500kms. The Oddjob SR542cc has a stump puller of a donk. This puppy has the best the planet can offer.

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Photo: Deus Ex Machina

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