Instagram Captions You Can Steal From The Stars To Ring In The New Year

When you pry your bleary, hungover eyes open on January 1, there’s no rule saying you need to share words of wisdom with your friends on social media. A photo could say it all for you, as could radio silence. But if everyone did that, we’d have fewer ways to pass the time as we try not to relive whatever embarrassing things happened at last night’s New Year’s Eve party.

If coming up with a caption or post on New Year’s Day sounds too hard (which is legit), this is where the wonderful world of Celebrity Instagram comes to the rescue again. Not only can we gaze upon the beautiful faces of Mandy Moore, Gabrielle Union, Millie Bobby Brown as we welcome this new year, these stars (or their clever social media managers) make their posts feel weighted with meaning to mark the occasion.

Their creativity is our gain when the first day of 2019 rolls around. Whether we’re paralyzed with fear of the future or just so darn tired of 2018, we can use those many New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Instagram posts and tweets from the past to inspire our own. (We can decide to throw shade like Kim Kardashian, or frolic in the sun like Gisele Bundchen. We have options!) Click ahead for the Instagram inspo that will take you into the new year with a bang — or at least a zinger.

Write An Optimistic Essay

If your followers don’t mind you pouring your heart out, go for it like Mandy Moore did here. She acknowledges all the tough things happening out in the big world while also celebrating her personal victories, which is kind of the mood most people need on January 1.

“Oh 2017,” she wrote on New Year’s Eve last year. “You were harrowing and heartening. On a personal note, some of the most indescribably joyful moments took place in the last 12 months (building a home, getting engaged, more challenging and fulfilling work on the greatest job I’ve ever had, etc…). I am humbled and grateful for it all….but they unfolded during a time of tremendous uncertainty, anxiety and dismay about so much. However, I am choosing to side with a glass half full perspective and feel buoyed by an endless arsenal of hope and fortitude about what the new year will bring for all. Only love…. cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year! Let’s do this 2018. And ps: I recognize that my wine glass in empty in that first pic. No symbolism- I was just waiting for refill on my fav @helenswines sparkling red (right, @streicherhair??)”

Be A Self-Help Book In One Line

We won’t tell if you want to copy Gisele’s post from 2016 word-for-word, as it seems applicable to almost anyone: “Let’s let go of what no longer serves us and embrace with an open heart all the experiences that life will bring us in this New Year, co-creating the beautiful world we want to live in. #happynewyear #love #peace #joy #compassion #positivitiy #consciousness.”

Or Depress Everyone In One Line

“To exist is to survive unfair choices. Happy New Year. #emonewyear,” Ingrid Michaelson tweeted on the first day of 2017.

Well, you can only get better from there, right?

Make A Cat Video All About You

Gabourey Sidibe took an unusual approach to New Year’s resolutions, putting all the pressure on her cat. “When you swore you’ll do better in 2018 but you still wanna do hoodrat stuff wit yo friends so now you have to fight your demons,” she wrote as her kitty fought its reflection.

Look Forward To The Future (And Make Everyone Cry)

Millie Bobby Brown shared an uplifting video montage of her 2017 last New Year’s Eve, but she made sure we knew she’s not just about that nostalgia as she wrote: “Dear 2018; you’re going to be jam packed with exciting events, projects, and new places! I know 2017 is going to be hard to beat but I say we make it an amazing year. Listen 2018, I know we’re pals so do me a favor and tell everyone I need them to be kind and if you were kind this year i need you to be even kinder the next. Happy new year Love mills xoxo.”

Shade Your Enemy

“FACTS,” Kim Kardashian wrote, as she posted a paparazzi pic of Taylor Swift and announced Kanye West’s new single on January 1, 2016. Use the diss track of your choice, but also, probably don’t post a photo of your target. Vague allusions are your friend … because the internet REMEMBERS.

Trick Everyone Into Thinking You Like Them Best

“Before #OldManMiranda falls asleep: Happy new year,” Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote at the end of 2016. “I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Let’s make new things.” (He was talking to me, I’m sure of it.)

Be Metaphorical and Literal

“May 2018 be filled with mountains of love and endless expansion!!! Here’s to becoming greater than you could ever imagine!!!! With love from the Deans!!! #2018 #happynewyear #greatness!!!” Alicia Keys wrote on January 1, with a video that makes us think someone got a drone for Christmas last year.

… Or Just Be Literal

“When I said jumping into 2016… I meant it LITERALLY,” Nina Dobrev captioned a pic of herself skydiving. You could also just use this caption without leaping out of an airplane.

March Into That New Year…

“Walkin Into 2018 Like.. ‘Outta my way, I’m very busy,’ ” Gabrielle Union wrote on Instagram late in 2017, with a picture of the most authoritative bikini strut we’ve ever seen. That’s an attitude worth emulating!

… Or Roll Into It

Lena Dunham, that mistress of Schadenfreude, employed both the clever tool of the local news story and the wedgy selfie, in 2016 when she wrote, “Super sad local news story: girl dies of shock after a confetti cannon erupts several feet away. underwear out. no one mourns.”

Begin The Year With Postcard-Perfect Deep Thoughts

“First light of 2018,” Alessandra Ambrosio wrote. “Make your dreams come true.” It’s simple, positive, and beautiful — and we can all use a little more of that as we begin this next year, too.

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