Mark Your Calendar For These 2019 Astrological Events

Another year, another slew of astrological events to keep track of. If you were blindsided by every retrograde and full moon that came your way this year, make your 2019 New Year’s resolution to mark the dates here into your cal ASAP. But, from what we can tell, the skies should be relatively kind to us next year.

First, the very good news: Neither Venus nor Mars will be retrograde next year. After the summer of retrogrades we survived in 2018, having two of our personal planets stay direct for all of 2019 will feel like a celestial vacation.

In place of too many planetary shakeups, the moon will throw us a curveball next summer, when it hits its “new” phase twice in July. Its cycle will continue normally, but be aware that that month may bring you double opportunities to rest and, if you wish, hit the reset button on an area of your life.

And one more heads up: Next year will feature just as many eclipses as 2018. Sure, on one hand these solar and lunar events can signal evolution and positive change, but on the other hand, they can really throw our regularly scheduled lives through a loop, so it’s good to know when you’ll need to brace for their impact.

Ahead, find out when all the new moons, full moons, eclipses, retrogrades, and Zodiac seasons will occur in 2019. (Dates for all lunar phases are determined by EST.)


January 5
New moon
Partial solar eclipse

January 6
Uranus retrograde ends

January 20
Aquarius season begins
Total lunar eclipse

January 21
Full moon


February 4
New moon

February 19
Pisces season begins
Full moon


March 5
Mercury retrograde begins

March 6
New moon

March 20
Full moon

March 21
Aries season begins

March 28
Mercury retrograde ends


April 5
New moon

April 10
Jupiter retrograde begins

April 19
Full moon

April 20
Taurus season begins

April 24
Pluto retrograde begins

April 30
Saturn retrograde begins


May 4
New moon

May 18
Full moon

May 21
Gemini season begins


June 3
New moon

June 17
Full moon

June 21
Cancer season begins
Neptune retrograde begins


July 2
New moon
Total solar eclipse

July 7
Mercury retrograde begins

July 16
Full moon
Partial lunar eclipse

July 23
Leo season begins

July 31
New moon


August 1
Mercury retrograde ends

August 11
Jupiter retrograde ends

August 12
Uranus retrograde begins

August 15
Full moon

August 23
Virgo season begins

August 30
New moon


September 14
Full moon

September 18
Saturn retrograde ends

September 23
Libra season begins

September 28
New moon


October 3
Pluto retrograde ends

October 13
Full moon

October 23
Scorpio season begins

October 27
New moon

October 31
Mercury retrograde begins


November 12
Full moon

November 20
Mercury retrograde ends

November 22
Sagittarius season begins

November 26
New moon

November 27
Neptune retrograde ends


December 12
Full moon

December 22
Capricorn season begins

December 26
New moon
Annular solar eclipse

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