The Best New Year’s Resolution For Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you actually follow through on your promises to read more books and get more sleep in the new year or leave your New Year’s resolution behind by mid-March, let’s be real: Setting a goal you could reasonably complete in the next 12 months is daunting enough, before you even start trying to attain it. If you’re thinking about setting a resolution for 2019 but don’t know where to start, might we suggest consulting your astrology sign?

This is not to suggest that every single Gemini should start next year with the exact same game plan, but it is likely that most Geminis will feel the celestial events of 2019 in roughly the same areas of their lives — so wouldn’t it be nice if you could plan for those effects accordingly, say, through your New Year’s resolution?

Here, we’re making our resolution recommendations for every sign in the Zodiac, based roughly on what the stars hold in store for you in 2019. And no, we aren’t going to make anyone start a bullet journal

Practice patience

The year will start off with Mars, the planet of action as well as your ruling planet, camped in out in your sign. In other words, you’re starting 2019 with a powerful jetpack strapped to your back — live it up and chase your passions while you can, because soon enough the red planet will move along into steady-as-she-goes Taurus. And that’s when your resolution should kick into gear, Ram. Be patient, don’t push, and give others room to do their thing. It’ll take some focused breathing on your part, but your relationships will be better for it.

Be bold

We would never tell you to abandon your precious routine, Taurus, but in 2019, we may gently encourage you to mix things up and even give into your impulses a little more often. Uranus, the planet of innovation and revolution, will move back into your sign after a brief stay in Aries in early March and with that movement will come some inevitable shakeups. Since your sign is hosting this rebellious planet (and isn’t a fan of huge changes on top of that), you’ll be especially well-served to think creatively, move swiftly, and, most importantly, act confidently.

Think practically

Level-headed, thy name is — Gemini? Hear us out, Gem. Your ever-churning thoughts and dynamic social skills are why we love you, but can you think of a time when you would have benefitted from staying the course a little more? This coming year, with Neptune messing with your career sector and Mercury’s regularly scheduled retrogrades up to their old tricks, you’ll likely encounter a few such scenarios. So, to prepare for those moments, practice training your attention on one thing at a time — and not shifting gears when the going gets dull but the task remains incomplete.

Learn to adapt

Your ruling planet, the moon, will undergo two eclipses in 2019, Cancer, and if you recall the eclipse season of 2018, you already know that these celestial events bring sudden shifts and just-below-the-surface changes to everyone’s lives. That kind of rapid activity can be enough to send any Crab into their shell to stay, but this year, your challenge is not only to meet these eclipses head-on but to embrace whatever effects come along with them.

Find solutions in your frustrations

It’s in your nature to defend your pride, Leo — and you tend to receive unexpected changes as threats to your very way of life. Where we might tell another sign to go with the flow in the face of the five change-bringing eclipses headed our way in 2019, we know that won’t cut it with you. Instead, we’ll suggest you learn how to channel your desire to bear down and resist anything less than the best toward something a little more productive — say, taking a new path to get to that ideal state.

Seek contentedness

For many Virgos, learning to find peace in the way things are is actually a bigger undertaking than having to execute every single gargantuan task on the to-do list of their dreams. But, it wouldn’t be a Virgo-style resolution if it wasn’t a challenge. Your sign is usually in a constant state of improvement and revision — what would it be like to spend a whole year not sweating the details? You don’t have to stop working at your regular speed or get sloppy with your projects, but accepting that you can only push so much and check for mistakes so many times may allow you to actually enjoy the moment.

Establish stability

Okay, this is a consistent Libran goal — to find a perfect sense of symmetry and balance — but you actually stand a decent chance of reaching it in 2019. This coming year, the heavens will urge you to cultivate a greater sense of security in your home, love, and working life. And that all starts with you making sure you aren’t spending too much of your time or resources on any one thing. Your sign is represented by the Scales for a reason, Libra. If you resolve to step back and reframe your priorities, you can find equilibrium.

Use your words

You’re already a strategic thinker, Scorp, but we’re willing to bet that your savvy point of view doesn’t quite make its way into your communication skills. This isn’t to say that you’re lacking charisma — rather, your sign is famously tight-lipped, even when speaking up could serve you well. In the new year, try putting your desires, plans, and goals into words, either in conversations with your closest confidantes or in a mantra you tell yourself every morning. Either way, hearing your innermost ambitions in real time and at full volume could bring them to life — and prompt you to fight harder for them.

Keep your energy up

Jupiter’s in your sign and all you’ll want to do is go, go, go, dear Archer. Sags don’t like to think that they’re susceptible to burnout, but for all your superhuman qualities (humor, curiosity, and optimism leap to mind), you still need to make sure you’re fueling your inner fire. So, your resolution for 2019 is very simple: Make sure your body can keep up with your mind — and vice versa. Rest, relax, and check in with yourself regularly to make sure your needs are met, before flitting off to your next adventure.

Chase your ambitions

Most driven Goats don’t need anyone to tell them to go after their goals, but with Saturn posted up in your sign, urging you to secure your reputation and longevity, and with no Mars retrograde to speak of in 2019, the comsos is all but shouting at you to pursue your loftiest ambitions. Of course, that might not mean doing anything too dramatic, but simply taking the first few steps that will eventually take you down a whole new path. The point is, Cap, to spend this year defining and creating your own personal sort of success.

Get out of your own head

Water Bearers tend to think that they’re of the people, but they can get so wrapped up in trying to better the state of humanity as a whole that they overlook what’s going on with the specific people around them. This year won’t ask you to abandon your pet causes, but it will encourage you to turn your observation skills up to 11 and do more listening and watching than you may be used to. We’d never want to see you lose your rallying spirit, Aquarius. And besides, looking beyond your own thoughts and work could open you up to more like-minded people who can save the world right alongside you.

Resist the rut

Being born under this dreamy water sign means you seek comfort and safety wherever you go. But, given the relatively laid back year ahead of you (celestially speaking, anyway), that mode of living may get a little boring before the next 12 months are up. You don’t have to take the opposite approach and spend 2019 living on the razor’s edge, but you should seek variety and newness as often as you can. If there’s one area of your life the stars will highlight this year, its your communication and information sector — and what better way to learn something new and connect with new people than to break free from your everyday routine?

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