Zara’s Summer Arrivals Have Our Names Written All Over Them


Another week, another new load of Zara arrivals to lust after. While we’re accustomed to overflowing our online cart as a holding spot for everything we’re itching to buy, we’re not above looking for other options to narrow down our search. With spring quickly approaching, color is rampant, so I’m testing out utilizing a ROYGBIV accordant guide as my new shopping compass.

It helps that color coding is inherently pleasing, and having a store auto-filtered via a rainbow palette helps make my buying decisions that much easier. If I’m on the hunt for a pair of white sneakers or a pantone adjacent sweater to match my new lavender trousers and can find them all in their pretty little color-coded place, I like to think I’m less likely to add a stockpile of unnecessary items to my shopping list. That’s why I’ve neatly tied all of Zara’s spring/summer essentials up into one cute rainbow-hued bow. May this make your — and my — shopping excursion that much simpler.

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