10 Moments In Fashion To Smile About!

You did it! You got through the most depressing day of the year in one piece (though you probably can’t say the same thing about the decimated tub of Carmel Cone in your refrigerator). To keep the happy momentum going strong, we’d like to present you with 10 things to smile about ranging from accessories that’ll keep the party going to a beautiful quote from one of our favorite visionaries in the industry. You feel that twinge in your face? That’s asmile. Now scroll through and keep it going!


T-Shirt Lets Us Show Off Two Of Our Loves: Celine Dion And Céline — The Canadian songstress and the French brand may not share much besides a name, but we love both of them in equal (if not different) ways. In a mash-up of the century, indie label Reason Clothing has produced the most beautiful T-shirt we’ve ever seen. Thankfully, we scored our own sometime before the holiday when they sold out. But fret not, we hear that there’s a big restock coming down the pipeline. Stalk the shirt onReasonClothing.com. And that’s the way it is! 

Reason Céline Shirt, $48, will be available on Reason.com.


You May Be An Adult, But You Still Deserve A Pool Toy — The most important pool accessory for you today might be your SPF and Kindle, but back in the day, all you needed was a water noodle, a friend, and your mother (who brought the boring things like sunscreen for you). But, you needn’t become a complete fuddy duddy. FromAlexander Wang’s inflatables to the offerings at Urban Outfitters, pool time should be as fun when you were a kid. 

Urban Outfitters Pretzel Float, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.


Alber Elbaz Describes Exactly Why We Love Clothes — It’s rare to find someone as genuinely kind, talented, and sensible in the fashion industry as Alber Elbaz. Though Lanvin’s aesthetic might not be for every woman, we think that his ethos behind the brand is: “I love creating clothes for women, any women, aged 20 or 80, large or small…I’m not interested in creating dresses that make men fall in love with the lady wearing them. I prefer to empower women with their own love. I want to make women happy, make them shine from within, so their clothes are eclipsed by their personality. I want to see beautiful women, not beautiful clothes.” Amen, Alber! 

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin


First For-Benefit Beauty Brand Is Beautiful In Every Way — At We See Beauty, 1/3 of sales will be donated to the We See Beauty Foundation to fund and support women-led, worker-owned cooperatives to strengthen local economics and communicates. Each season,the new cosmetics line, MAKE, will match up two artists — the first pair will consist of interior designer Faye Toogood (of Opening Ceremony and Alexander McQueen fame) with makeup artist Ayami Nishimura — on a collection of makeup and beauty tools. The packaging is incredible, the colors vibrant, and the benefit — helping our fellow womankind thrive — is beautiful, through and through. 

MAKE Medieval Palette, $25, available at We See Beauty


Face Off: Andre Leon Talley Meets Quvenzhane Wallis — The inimitable Andre Leon Talley is known for being the bridge between Vogue and the celebrity world. But step aside Gwyneth, Beyoncé, and Meryl…we think that his recent interview with Quvenzhane Wallis was his best. Try not to melt into a puddle from this video onVogue.com

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue


A Bangle You And Your Booze Can Appreciate— For a smart night out, you can’t be lugging around too much stuff, which is why multitasking items are godsends to a party girl. Cynthia Rowley has created the ultimate accessory in the form of a bracelet that doubles as a flask. We’ll cheers to that! 

Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle, $225, available at Cynthia Rowley.


Beauty’s Big Fan Becomes A CoverGirl — It seems like we weren’t the only ones to be completely enchanted by 12-year-old Talia Joy Castellano’s makeup tutorials. The make up prodigy stole the hearts of CoverGirl who gifted Talia with her very own CoverGirl portrait when she appeared on Ellen. As a cancer patient who eschews wigs, Talia uses beauty as an outlet for creativity, and has seen makeup imbue her with confidence and happiness — and if that doesn’t sound like someone who gets makeup, then we don’t know who truly does! 

Photo: Courtesy of CoverGirl


An Ugg Boot Maybe Named After One Of Our Own…And We’re Actually Delighted! — We’ve spent a great deal of time ragging on the Ugg boot, but we’ll give credit where credit is due. The Piera boot is sick! We can’t help but wonder if our own creative director, Piera Gelardi was the inspiration behind the shoe, as this style of lace-up heeled boot is reminiscent of the only kind of shoe she ever wears. Even if it’s just a happy coincidence, we’ll take it. We couldn’t think of a better namesake! 

Ugg Collection Piera Boot, $380, available at Ugg Collection.


A Rainbow Of Jean Jackets… For $40 A Pop — The simple, streamlined jean jacket is quickly becoming the most reliable item in our closet. Uniqlo makes a really killer version, and is now offering them in a huge range of colors, from vibrant orange to dusty lavender. Get your friends to buy ’em up in different colors and start a band, a dinner club, a moped gang, or a secret society — the opportunities for coordinating outfits are too good to pass up! 

Uniqlo Denim Jacket, $39.90, available at Uniqlo


Temporary Friendship Bracelets That Last JustLong Enough — Committing to a real friendship bracelet is as big a deal now as it was back when you made them at camp — those things seem to have a shelf life of a century. Unless your BFF is from Tuck Everlasting (and your taste in bracelets is just as enduring), you might as well go for something a tad less impermanent. These temporary tattoos last for a few days (up to a week — if you don’t rub them!) 

Tattly Friendship Bracelets, $5, available at Tattly.

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