Beauty Stalking! Fashion Week’s Foxiest Ladies

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

It’s hard enough to look your best during Fashion Week — the early call times, running around the city at breakneck speed, suffering silently in six-inch heels — but throw a major weather event into the (wintry) mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But looking at these 24 stunners, you’d never know that the weather outside was frightful.

We sent our intrepid, snap-happy photographers to the streets to capture the most gorgeous women NYFW had to offer and even through rain, sleet, wind, and a helluva lot of snow they did not disappoint. Click through to see the frosty foxes that proved awe-inspiring hair and makeup is possible during fall Fashion Week, even in the midst of an epic hissy fit by Mother Nature.



Okay, that by far is one of the coolest uses of bright hair powder we’ve seen yet. It’s subtle, yet still striking in a quiet way. WSJ. market editor Preetma Singh gets bonus points for matching her pop of color to her polarized shades.


This platinum pixie is a true traffic-stopper and a fuchsia lip adds just the right punch of color to accentuate her outfit without overpowering the look.


A hot pink lipstick really is the best way to brighten up a gray, wintry day.


Deep side parts not only look glam, they also come in handy when you want to coyly dodge street style photographers.


Blogger Hanneli Mustaparta keeps it simple with a defined eye, tousled hair, and a great big smile. Perfection!


Global Girl Ndoema has a lot of awesome things going on here, but it’s that hair that stopped us dead in our tracks — it’s beyond breathtaking. The elongated smoky eye is pretty fantastic, too, but pair it with that majestic mane and you’ve got the makings of one epic on-the-street beauty look.


We’re getting some serious Angela Chase-envy over this lass’s divine red tresses.


Proof positive that sometimes going au naturel can be even more breathtaking than the trendiest eyeshadow look.


The coy look, the bedhead strands, that scarlet pout — somebody’s ready for Valentine’s Day.


Sometimes all you need is a great lipstick and a dynamite pair of sunnies to take your look to the next level.


This tress adventuress takes head-to-toe denim to a whole new level — and we kind of dig it.

Two-toned hair to match her multi-chromatic glasses — a perfect pairing of fashion and beauty, if we do say so ourselves.


In this weather, we’re all about keeping it comfortable, so we’re into the knit cap/baseball cap duo with the glossy berry lip. Cozy, but with a bit of an edge.


Usually, we’d be a little hesitant to endorse that ’90s so-purple-its-basically-black lip hue, but on this girl, with this outfit, somehow it just works. One badass babe.


Why, is that the lovely Bethany Brill we spy with our little eye? Looking adorably sassy in her blunt bob and low-key makeup, as always.


Anyone else have some major curl jealousy right now?


Margaret Zhang, looking totally baller in a blizzard-proof cap, colorful accessories, and super-thick eyeliner.


Okay, that’s not fair. She doesn’t even look like she’s a little bit cold in the brisk NYC air. Weather-appropriate attire aside, we’re definitely into her flirty kitten-eye liner and the girly rose lip tint.


In which a floppy hat and wind-chilled cheeks are equal parts statement look and proof that the elements weren’t messing around last week.


Aimee Song does the over-the-shoulder hair flip like a pro. We’re loving the oh-so-subtle ombré and stained lips.


Super-cute as this beret is, if we had hair that gloriously, shiny we wouldn’t be covering it up.


We saw a LOT of ombré (it’s baaaaaack) at Lincoln Center this season, but our favorite had to be Eleonora Carisi‘s just-the-tip approach. Delicately impactful, without veering into trying-too-hard land.


We need to know the name of her brow groomer and what that lip shade is, stat.


More ombré, courtesy of StyleCaster‘s Perrie Samotin. She’s paired hers with a petal-pink pout, bold brows, and the snuggliest hat this side of 15th Street.

Photographed by Mark Iantosca

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