Style Tips For 5 Types Of Music-Festival Fans

Besides the fact that everyone knows all the words to Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” there’s probably very little that overlaps between people who attend music festivals. Heck — you’ve probably experienced this within your own posse planning a trip to Indio or Chicago or beyond this summer: There’s one person who always insists on wearing heeled sandals, another who’s there to get in touch with “good vibes,” and that one brave soul who, night after night, stumbles back to the car after sundown, bruised and muddy, with stories about how she managed to fight her way to the fence. 

So, for us to recommend the same tips for all these folks? Impossible. To spread out the love, we’ve identified five of these types of music festival attendees and have three tips for each. Read on to start planning.


The Happy Camper

If you’re forgoing a hotel room for a shared tent with friends, you’re going to want to pack versatile clothes that are either destruction-proof or cheap enough you won’t feel too bad about ruining. There are a variety of rain boots these days that come in a heat-manageable ankle length. If it’s a sturdy, quality boot, it’ll survive a decade’s worth of shows, so consider them an investment. 

Gothenburg Boots, $217, available at Wolf & Badger.


The Happy Camper

A lightweight scarf will save your life during a long trip. When it’s hot, tie it around your head as a sweatband. When it’s cool, drape it around your shoulders. Heck — it’ll even work as a towel or a skirt in a pinch! 

Free People Paisley Scarf, $38, available at Free People.


The Happy Camper

A swimsuit with a longer-length, corset-like top will not only provide you with support, but it’ll also withstand sweat, spray, and the occasional beer spill. 

Abercrombie & Fitch Jude Top, $38; Bottom, $28; available at Abercrombie & Fitch.


The Dancing Queen

If you’re there to get down, it’s fun to wear something that’s got a lot of movement. It’s impossible to not feel like twirling when your skirt is encircled in fringe. 

Pixie Market Woven Fringe Skirt, $196, available at Pixie Market.


The Dancing Queen

It’s a bother to have to worry about your bag when you’re dancing, so opt for a crossbody. Shorten the straps by tying them up higher…if you want to avoid accidentally whipping it at anyone. 

Juicy Couture Saddle Crossbody, $85.99, available at Juicy Couture.


The Dancing Queen

Look for pieces with built-in ventilation to keep you cool while you break a sweat. This soft cotton jumpsuit has low-side slits, which also gives you an opportunity to rock a colorful bandeau. 

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.


The Front-Row Fanatic

If you’re moshing in the front row or just trying to hold your ground, it’s important to wear a shoe that protects your toes and gives you lots of balance. These boots have a small, stable platform that won’t have you tripping, but it’ll give you a slight vertical boost — and you know that every little inch counts. 

Nasty Gal Rise Up Platform Boot, $78, available at Nasty Gal.


The Front-Row Fanatic

If you’ve got hair that can be tied up, tie it up. These elastics don’t pinch and pull and really stay put — plus, they look cute stacked up on your wrist if you want to bring extras! 

Kitsch Electric Hair Tie, $12, available at Swell.


The Front-Row Fanatic

Unless your goal is to flash everyone from here to 50 feet downstage while crowd-surfing, wear a pair of shorts that go down to your fingertips. This also isn’t the time to go for designer denim — but make sure that the fabric is sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about it ripping. 

H&M Shorts, $12.95, available at H&M.


The Lounger

If you’re the sedentary type (no shame in that!), a maxi-dress with pretty straps will let you spread out comfortably, even if you don’t have a blanket. 

Paprika Tie Dye Maxi Dress, $48.32, available at ASOS.


The Lounger

Pretty, flat sandals with a simple strap situation will help you minimize tan lines. Plus, you can always take ’em off and sit on them if the area you’re squatting at isn’t as pristine as you’d hope. 

J.Crew Kira Sandals, $138. available at J.Crew.


The Lounger

Don’t forget your hat! Protect from the sun’s rays with a brimmed hat. Since there’s no fear of getting jostled around and losing it, feel free to bring something stunning. 

Christys‘ Straw Panama Hat, $49, available at Urban Outfitters.


The Street-Style Subject

This year’s patterned running shoe is last year’s sneaker wedge. Splurge on a pretty pair for the festivals (and tell yourself you’ll wear ’em to the gym afterward, if you need some motivation!). 

Zara Fashion Sneaker, $129, available at Zara.


The Street-Style Subject

A coordinating short-shirt outfit is a breezy, cool outfit that’ll make you look like a celebrity. Pick one in a fluorescent hue, and your friends will never lose sight of you. 

Nicholas Shorts, $250; Tee, $260; both available at Shopbop.


The Street-Style Subject

This is your chance to pile on the accessories. Hat? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Double-arm parties? Check and check. This is your chance to bring out your inner magpie. 

Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.

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