6 Better Ways To Wear This Season’s Trends

We’re fashion people, so we can’t help it…we like trends. Easy ones, tricky ones, flattering ones, man-repelling ones…trends are to us as new theorems are to mathematicians: We can’t wait to figure them out. 

Because, you see, the key to making a trend work is to make sure you’re paying attention to a few key elements. Not all peplums are created equal, after all, and it’s when you’re indiscriminately wearing them without putting some thought into what makes certain trends awesome that you end up looking like a victim. Ahead, we feature six slightly challenging spring trends and the factors to look out for if you want to do it right.


Short-Sleeved Sweatshirts — The fancy sweatshirt was the breakout trend this winter — and good news is you can still ride its success into spring. Be aware, though, that short-sleeved styles can easily make you look like you’re training for a jazzercise competition. Avoid shapeless tops in thin materials in favor of a little more stiffness and structure. Pro tip: Cuffing the sleeves helps make the look all the more modern. 

Instead of: Soft, fleecy, shapeless material 
Calvin Klein Performance Top, $42.99, available at Macy’s. 

Try: Something stiffer 
Sandro Tintamar Sweatshirt, $200, available at Sandro.


Halternecks Tops — There is a ton of different styles of halterneck tops, but the main characteristic involves one looped-neck strap that holds the shirt up. This season’s on-trend style features delicate straps that exposes your collarbones and shoulders, but connects in the back. It’s not quite time yet to dig out those choker-style halternecks you’ve kept around since the early ’00s. 

Instead of: Frilly, choker-neck-style tops 
Gucci Halter Tank, $535, available at Yoox. 

Try: Sleek tanks with two straps, a higher neckline, and cuts high in the back like a racerback 
Tibi Silk Halter, $198, available at Tibi.


Sunglasses — For the most part, sunglasses’ popularity exists on a cycle that probably rotates more often than apparel trends. We still remember when the cat-eye seemed like a novelty, but these days, they feel more like a throwback. In our opinion, the freshest shape takes the best assets of a cat-eye and makes them more extreme. Call ’em alien-eyed if you like — we dig ’em!

Instead of: Your subtle cat-eye 
Tod’s Feminine Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses, $410, available at Saks 

Try: Something more extreme and retro 
C Wonder Kathmere Cate Eye Sunglasses, $68, available at C Wonder.


White Shoes — You might have not worn a white shoe since those patent Mary Janes you wore with your 8-year-old Easter outfit, but they’re back in a big way. The modern way to do it is with an all-over-white shoe with a skinnier silhouette. Thick wedges and platforms and contrast-hued soles this season suddenly feel clunky with our spring dresses — pack ’em away for future wear!

Instead of: Shoes with a cork heel 
Jean-Michel Cazabat Wooster Sandals, $225, available at Shopbop

Try: All-white pumps with a skinny heel and thin sole
Preen For Aldo Rise Musilova Shoe, $155, available at Aldo.


Button-Down Shirt — If you’re part of the R29 family, button-ups are a mainstay in your closet, but the long-sleeved, slim-fit version of season’s past feels a little too stuffy for spring weather. We love a looser silhouette for warmer days — and this swingy Uniqlo number is the perfect combination of ease and polish. 

Instead of: Slim-fit, long-length shirts 
Equipment Blouse, $180, available at Moda Operandi. 

Try: A looser silhouette 
Uniqlo Chiffon Blouse, $29.90, available at Uniqlo.


Wrapped Skirts — The wrapped skirt helps hide a multitude of sins (lunch belly, anyone?), which is why we’ve been relying on its layers for seasons. However, the look to go for in 2013 is a more structured and origami-like construction rather than the fluid, jersey skirts of yesteryear. To combat the severity of the skirt, look for versions with shorter hemlines. 

Instead of: Looser, longer shapes 
Wilt Maxi Skirt, $75, available at Les Pomettes. 

Try: Something structured and short 
ASOS Wrap Skirt, $46.55, available at ASOS.

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