Italian Alchermes Recipe

alchermes copy

alchermes copy



• 1/2 (half) a litre of 90 proof alcohol

• 2 pounds of sugar

• 1/2 (half) a stick of vanila

• 15 grams of cinnamon

• 10 grams of coriander

• 10 grams of cordamom

• 2 cloves

• 5 grams anice

• 100 gram rose water


1• Crush together the vanila, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, cardamom and anice.

2• Add in a bottle 1/2 a litre of alcohol (90 proof) and a cup of water.

3• Seal the bottle tightly and shake it briefly twice a day for two weeks.

4• Melt 2 pounds of sugar with 1 cup of cold water then add it to the preparation (bottle).

5• Shake it well and let it rest for two days.

6• Filter it properly and add the 100 grams of rose water.

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