Finding Shangri La: Believing In Yourself

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Believing in yourself is probably the most important aspect of your inner landscape. But, it’s sometimes a challenge. You get an award or an accolade and inwardly question whether you truly deserve it. Or, you so very much want that promotion, raise or new job, but don’t take the step necessary to bring it about because you somehow don’t believe that you can have something more. You may even have some old thoughts going through your mind that just shouldn’t be in it; thoughts suggested to you by others that only told you that so you wouldn’t get a big ego. In ancient India, Jantar, the art of visualization, was built upon the principle of Dharana-concentration, of which there are many methods. Learning to believe in yourself, your future good, your unique gifts and talents, your right to an evitable good outcome, your good place in the world all begins within that inner landscape of your mind’s eye. My beloved teacher used to tell me that "in the sky of my mind, I was the sun". Learning to travel deep within my mind to that one-pointed place where I could truly see myself and to know myself, took some time and effort, but I finally got there and you can too, if you follow the inner path with a single-minded determination to know, love and believe in yourself. Believe…….

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