Yoga: Improving Your Life At Work

5000 years ago men drew pictures of themselves performing Yoga poses on the walls of caves in the North of India’s Indus Valley. We have to ask ourselves why they did that. Was the cave their place of work and did they doodle these poses on the cave wall when stuck with coming up with a creative solution to a problem as we might do on a notepad in a modern day office when trying to come up with a new ad campaign or marketing concepts? The thing is that it was Yoga that they wanted to convey as a legacy for the rest of us, many millennia later, when in our own modern day caves ie cubbies, offices, commuter trains, busses and cars. We can take a lesson from them in that the very moment that Yoga was etched into those walls, it began a long range effect that would benefit mankind for all time. From this illustration we can derive that anytime Yoga enters a space it alters it in a positive way that is viable for those therein. You can clear your office space or commuter space with a shift in your inner Asana. Asana refers to a pose or posture. Inner Asana is your attitude. When entering your work space or the space of others, bringing a smile and a soothing voice immediately uplifts. If the day is particularly demanding or difficult, just stepping outside of the space for 2 minutes and doing some deep breathing while reaffirming that you are calm sends the message to your brain to slow down, relax and regroup. This is a way of shifting the Prana or life force into a more healthy state. The old Yoga masters who taught out in the forest would pray over some water and then sprinkle it around the place where the Yoga class would be held. By simply sprinkling around good Prana with your good thoughts, you have the ability to transcend the ordinary by creating a more stable work environment that is geared for success.

On one of these particularly busy, demanding or difficult days, you may find it hard to get to sleep. Have a hot bath before bed which evenly distributes the life force throughout your body in a way that a shower does not. Scrub your body with a loofah to set off pressure receptors in the brain that slow down the heart for a good nights sleep.

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