Transcending the dimensions

The four dimensions that we are aware of in our existence are the dimension of time, and the 3D of space……and so if science starts to give us the evidence that there are multiple dimensions, then is it possible that we exist in those dimensions? Bordering on sci-fi, or a philosophy, is the question some scientist ask when discussing the "string theory" and the existence of parallel universe.

A layman like me, watches and reads a little bit of quantum physics and asks "so there is an existence of 11 dimensions and parallel universe, where by any and everything that is possible is happening right now; we are just not able to tap into the other dimensions; what if we can?"

If we choose to surrender our fears, and all the other human actions that derive their existence from this "fear" and instead focus our attention and awareness, with compassion and sharing, and just believing that all actions arise out of the desire to serve, to give to be compassionate………..does the brain change its frequency to tune in to the other frequencies, dimensions and universe? And what if this helps explain the universal consciousness which transcends all the different dimensions and the universes………. is the universe contained in a thought, and can a reverse of the expansion epoch take place to enable the expansion of universal consciousness ……..

Many healing modalities, including Reiki, taps into the universal consciousness……in yoga and meditation we are continuously surrendering our thoughts, pre-conceived ideas and knowledge of how things aught to be and replacing them with what is going on in any given moment. The very act of surrendering allows one to dive into the reservoir of universal energy. Intuition, happens, we become sensing beings versus the "all knowing"……….creativity flourishes, and the true essence of the human soul, becomes evident.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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