“Ashutosh was my friend, is my friend and would remain so” – Sajid Khan

It’s an end of war for Sajid Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker. Ever since the infamous war of words that happened on stage in full public view a year back, the two filmmakers were said to be maintaining a cold distance from each other. However, as months passed by, the tempers also cooled down. So much so that now things are back to being friendly between the two friends who had seemingly parted for a little while. "The trouble earlier on was that media had blown this entire matter out of proportion. At the end of the day we are living in an age when media projects an issue bigger than it actually is", says Sajid who is now ready for the release of Housefull. However, Sajid is not willing to blame the media for the entire fiasco. "That’s not the intent at all, why should I do that", questions Sajid, "I am not complaining though because people from film world also benefit when media is on their side. You have to be a part of the game and understand where everyone is coming from." Well, one can trust Sajid when he says that. Whether it’s his on-stage bout with Ashutosh Gowariker or his war of words with Vidhu Vinod Chopra couple of years back or his belief in Housefull being the next big blockbuster- Sajid Khan has always been in news and heard, seen and talked about at every juncture. Time and again he has also led widespread debates, case in point being his recent criticism of critics. No wonder, he is not just the most recognizable face when compared to his counterpart directors; he is also controversy’s favourite child as far as scoop-a-month is concerned. One wonders though that what really had led to a change in heart. Laughs Sajid, "Again, you are projecting it as a major issue which required a ‘change in heart’ or something. However, the fact is that both Ashu and I met at Shah Rukh’s place 4-5 months after the incident and did speak to each other about it. We ate food together and laughed over it because really, it was nothing at all actually." If one goes back in time, it is also revealed that the similar sentiments were reciprocated by Ashutosh as well in due course of time. "Exactly", confirms Sajid, "In fact Ashu had even invited me for the trial of What’s Your Raashee? but I couldn’t make it because I was shooting abroad for Housefull. (Laughs) Arrey, meri aur Ashu ki koyi janam janamantar ki dushamni thodi hai! I am very fond of him. Woh mera dost tha, dost hai aur dost rahega! It’s as simple as that."

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