Glossier Just Dropped A New Skin-Care Gem

Considering everything on Glossier 's skin-care menu — from acne treatments to SPF and seven different flavored lip balms — you could probably guess that the next big launch to join the lineup would be something equally essential. And if the mere mention of the brand putting out a new must-have has you thinking, Please, Glossier gods, let it be eye cream, ding, ding, ding: You nailed it.

What's more surprising than the hotly-anticipated venture into eye cream is the twist that Glossier has put on its version of the skin-care staple. Bubblewrap is more than just your run-of-the-mill rich undereye cream — it also functions as a lip-plumping cream, the two-in-one situation you didn't know you needed.

Though the hybrid sounds like a eureka moment for the brand, Glossier hasn't reinvented the wheel; it's just done us all a favor by creating a multi-purpose product for the age-old beauty hack of dabbing eye cream around the lips and corners of the mouth. This strategy isn't just economical — it's also smart, since the lip and undereye areas are anatomically similar in that they're both thin-skinned, prone to wrinkling and cracking, and eased by extra hydration.

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier.

That's where Bubblewrap comes in. In terms of application, it's pretty straightforward: I like to dispense a pump of the white cream on the tip of my ring finger (the pump is a nice application method, because it feels more sanitary than scooping cream out of a jar), then press it carefully all around my eyes: under them, in the inner corners that are permanently a lovely shade of purple-ish, and over the outer crow's feet area. The creamy, cooling blend of hyaluronic acid, squalane, and avocado oil plumps my dry, tired morning undereye skin while subtly brightening and leaving a nice dewy sheen.

For the lips, I just pump some more cream and pat it on and around the corners of them, for a similarly subtle glossy, plumping lift. Here, I found the quick-absorbing moisturizer doubles (er, triples) as a primer, making a velvety canvas for any lipstick application afterwards. A quick swipe of Generation G works particularly well — to really seal the deal on the resident Glossier-girl vibes.

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