United Nations International Year of Water Co-operation Conference

The international year of water co-operation by the United Nations is a special day of commemoration. This is a day to raise awareness about water management, water access, as well as highlighting the successful global water co-operation. So, hop on board and learn more about what happens on the United Nations International Year of Water Co-operation that will take place on August, 20th, 2013.

Water Management is the act of managing water in a resourceful manner for everyone to use around you. This allows it to be plentiful for everyone to consume fairly. This is the country’s burden in which you reside in but it can be easily promoted with a little bit of volunteering. Volunteering can help play a role in managing water distributive by having local meetings in towns and cities to decide upon beneficial conclusions. 

Access to water is needed by everyone because everyone deserves a precious resource that helps keep one alive and healthy. Continents like Africa or Asia suffer from sicknesses that can be easily cured with a simple glass of water. The most common one out there would be dehydration which is the problem that occurs when someone is not hydrated well, and as a result the conditions around them or their immune system might not be strong enough to battle it. Nowadays it’s not only the water access but also the ongoing problem of global warming as well as climate change that affects access to water.  

Canadians are well known for peacekeeping and peacemaking in the world but they are also well known for something else. Sharing is what Canadians are well known for and especially with all their water sources from the major lakes such as Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. This is a well-known sign of water co-operation as Canada exchanges the resource of water in exchange for other resources that it needs itself. 

Some people might say that water from oceans could also be considered as a source of drinking water but it is salt water and not fresh water. It could be done but it would be a lot more expensive as it would take a lot longer to filter all that salt instead of just filtering fresh water which is much easier. 

In my opinion, I believe that this water catastrophe might even be the next gas crisis that is going on right now. In order to avoid this let’s all use water in an efficient manner by taking quicker showers, not letting the tap run for long periods of time and avoid using the laundry at non-peak hours.

So, head’s up, everyone NEEDS water and celebrate this 20th of August!

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