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There have been so many instances when films have arrived with almost nil expectations. Especially when the promotion has been way too limited, you don't really root for the music which is in the offing. Bezubaan Ishq is one such film. With relatively unknown composers (Babli Haq, Rupesh Verma) and lyricists (Prashant Ingole, Jashwant Gangani), the album actually turns out to be pretty stuffed with as many as eight tracks. As it turns out, there are at least a couple of songs which actually manage to impress, while the overall album isn't entirely avoidable either.


One gets a good feeling about the album right at the start when Javed Ali begins to croon the title song 'Bezubaan Ishq'. If you have loved Emraan Hashmi songs that ruled the charts right over the years, you would like this one too, what with its Sufi flavor making an impression right at the start. Arpita Chakrborty joins Javed behind the mike and makes a good impression too. The song is paced quite well and one gets a good melody to hear. For those who like their music to be out and out Bollywood in its flavor, this one won't disappoint at all.

The manner in which 'Ankhon Mein Basa Lunga' kick-starts, you are immediately transported to the 70s era of Rajesh Khanna when he had many such songs set in the meadows to his credit. A beautiful sounding number that actually turns out to be even better than the title song, it is also elevated to a further high due to Mohit Chauhan. He does complete justice to this well composed tune that has flute playing an important part. After an impressive 'mukhda', the 'antara' portions are well played out too, hence making it a pretty satisfactory outing. Meanwhile Parineeta does well as the backup vocalist for the English part.

There is good variety that is brought into the album with Shalmali Kholgade going full throttle for the party song 'Har Lamha Kar Party'. With a good head-start to it, the song maintains a fast pace right through its playing time with some added spunk to it which makes it a kind that would find an entry into a DJ's collection. The song is arranged pretty well too which makes one play it back in a repeat mode. No wonder, you are left reasonably impressed by this time as Bezuban Ishq manages to throw as many as three back to back good songs in a row.

Well, this isn't where the album stops as Altamash Faridi sings 'Teri Masumiyat' which makes it four in a row for Bezuban Ishq. Yet another number that would have find a straight forward entry into an Emraan Hashmi catalogue, this one is yet another Sufi outing which doesn't disappoint at all. By this time, you do start acknowledging Bezuban Ishq in a different light altogether as for the diehard lovers of quintessential Hindi film music; there is plenty in store by now.

This is the point where two experienced singers, Mohit Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal, come on the scene and expectations further soar. The song in question is 'Teri Meri Ankahi Dastan' and as expected, the singers pretty much show their class once again for this beautifully composed number that moves at an easy pace. A melodic number that one would totally fall for if the songs preceding this have been liked, 'Teri Meri Ankahi Dastan' continues to make Bezuban Ishq an album that cannot be ignored.

Newcomer Anita Bhatt holds one's attention right at the onset as she takes a melodic route for 'Dil Parinda', a song that takes a different dimension with Tochi Raina coming on the scene. A song about the hunt for true love, 'Dil Parinda' is a semi-classical fusion affair that is totally in line with rest of the album and fits in quite seamlessly with what has been heard so far. A little while later, there is an 'unplugged version' of the same that arrives as well with Tochi Raina going solo. One doesn't mind listening to it all over again, only to give a nod of approval.

Osman Mir is brought on board for the final number 'Bhor Bhayo' which starts with the 'Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh' jig. There is sound of nature and simplicity woven around this semi-classical number which lends further class to the score of Bezubaan Ishq, hence making one truly believe that the makers were sure about the kind of music they wanted for their film and went ahead with complete conviction.


Bezuban Ishq turns out to be yet another surprise album of the year so far, after Ishqedarriyaan. For those who love their music to be truly Bollywood with a dash of Sufi and Hindustani classical thrown in, this one can be picked up quite comfortably. Of course, from the commercial standpoint it would be a different story since the album hasn't managed to penetrate amongst the audience so far, hence the restricted rating. However, in the long run, the songs may just about manage to find a footing.


'Ankhon Mein Basa Loonga', 'Har Lamha Kar Party', 'Teri Masumiyat', 'Bezubaan Ishq'

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