UN Pledges Support Against Illiteracy

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Dr Toby Lanzer, the Deputy to the United Nations Special Representative to South Sudan said  during a conference launched to boost the campaign and fight against illiteracy in the infant nation.

“The United Nations pledges its commitment to South Sudan. We pledge that we will play our role and do our part to bring to influential the goal (eradicating illiteracy) and I very much look forward to work with the donor community,” Toby said.

He pointed out that the UN is committed to work with all the non-governmental organizations willing in supporting the education sector in the infant nation and also with all branches of government.

Toby who is also the UN Head of Humanitarian Affairs in South Sudan said his commitment will concentrate to see that all the players in fighting the illiteracy eradicate it in the next five years by making sure every child can read and write in the country.

The Head of the United Nations Organization, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) office in South Sudan Mr. Salah Khaled exclusively unveiled a pledge of $500,000 US dollars to support the education sector in the country.

“This is a sign of commitment of UNESCO towards South Sudan to show the priority of having to tackle illiteracy in the country. We hope that this will form the first seed funding so that funding will be endorsed further by other donors,” Salah said.

The Minister of Education said at least 80 percent of the South Sudanese population can not read and write, a challenge in a nation that needs skilled labor both at the government and private sector to boost its strive on nation building.

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