Four Arrested For Rejecting The Creation Of New Payam

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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John Joseph Abulla, an MP representing Pochalla South Constituency said that he received a call last night that four people were arrested by the county commissioner.

The MP said that the county commissioner sent South Sudanese army personnel to arrest the four civilians.

“Few days back there was a dispute between the commissioner and the community in Akoyee Payam over the renaming of the county headquarters to No Mans Land Payam,” he said.

The MP said that it is wrong for people to be arrested for airing their views to the government to listen to their grievances.

“The commissioner is now still looking for the people in the village with the huge army beating community leaders in their villages, intellectuals are hiding themselves from town because the commissioner is targeting them from one side,” he said.  

“I am advising the communities to stay calm so that this thing is sorted out normally. We are now planning to go to Pochalla County as MPs to see the issue and share our view together with the county commissioner,” Abulla said.

MP Akello Cham Ajou said said that the land belongs to Akoyee community if there is any reasons for the land to be renamed then the residents of the area are the ones to rename the land,” she said.

She said that they are going to question the county commissioner about the arrest of the four civilians because the issues of the land.

“If it is their land they have their right to complain because the commissioner has no right to rename the civilian land,” she said.

 She said that beating of innocent people in their village is the violation of human rights as the people have the right to air views but no one can dictate and beat them.

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