SPLA Urged To Intensify Civilian Protection

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“We want to appeal to the SPLA disarmament unit to step up the protection of civilians. A patrol needs to be done,” Deng said.

“Our indicators are that for the last five months Jonglei had been stable. But for the last three weeks people are really frightened and disorganized because of the movement of unknown militia roaming in the town which we are saying its YauYau militia,” he added.

Deng said that more than 435 cattle have been stolen in Mading Madiang. On 20 October three youths were killed by unknown gun men while coming from a cattle camp and last week 75 cattle were stolen in the same area.

Following these accounts, Deng said the people in the community are now terrified, staying in fear due to loss of lives and the stealing of property.

Thousands of SPLA soldiers have been deployed in Jonglei State to carry out disarmament program. Deng said the collection of the guns out from the civilians have left them vulnerable to attacks.

“We know guns should be removed from people…but government should really take the step to protect the civilians,” Deng said.

He appealed on the government to help in tracing the stolen cattle and have them returned to the owners.

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