Committees Formed To Sensitize Citizens On Cooperation Agreements

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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At the state level, the governor constituted state high committee which shall comprise representatives from State Legislative, Cabinet, State Political Parties, State Peace and Reconciliation Commission, women groups and youth while at County level, sub-committees shall comprise representatives from County Councillors, chiefs, women groups and youth.

The governor defends the rationale on formation of the committees saying the recent Cooperation Agreements signed between the Republics of South Sudan and Sudan have generated a lot of debate as many citizens have been misinformed by some media houses and enemies of peace.

He argues that the questions of nation building, development and peace building had mostly been interpreted by many of our citizens to be the work of the government.

He said there is need for the people to know that it is a joint responsibility of the citizens and the government to effectively contribute in the nation building and development.

He said expectations of the people are very high and others are taking the opportunity to mislead them that the government has done nothing since 2005 to date.

The decree reveals that some of the community leaders have been reported to incite communities to raid each other or quarrel about payams or counties’ administrative borders, cultivation and grazing area and the citizens need to be educated on the importance of peace and unity and that borders are meant for administrative purposes only.  

He said it is necessary to have a committee to carry out enlightenment activity at the State and County levels to ensure that citizens are accordingly informed.

The governor named a state committee headed by Deputy Speaker of State Assembly Paul Napwon Yonae and Co-chaired by Chief Whip Tobiolo Alberio with German Charles Ojok being its Secretary and deputized by Joseph Kabaka Atiol.

Members include John Ochan Bongomin and Severino Maira Janus with representatives of youth, women and political leaders.

The counties sub-committees include Eferem Loromo Stephen to preside over Torit County Committee with Odiongo Galdino Odongi being his Secretary with other six members while Clement Lojo shall lead the Kapoeta South County Committee with Joseph Lokai serving as the Committee’s Secretary and four other persons being members.

Angelous Taluga Kwiriko and Francis Vuciri Amoko have been appointed as Chair and Secretary respectively in Magwi County while Juma Kenyatta is appointed to lead Ikwoto County with Mary Naboi as Secretary.

Budi County is headed by Pastor Jacob Lodio with Paul Langa Respicio as Committee Secretary with Kapoeta North County being led by Boniface Lochebe Losikeand and Evaristo Cheche Lobanyet as secretary.

The Kapoeta East committee is to be led by Mariano Nachoto and Thomas Lorikot as Chair and secretary respectively.

Lafon and Lopa will get 11 committee members co-chaired by Tito Abaha Oturo representing Imehejek corridor and Father Andrew Lidou representing Lafon corridor with nine other members.

The terms of references for the committees include disseminating the Cooperation Agreements especially the four freedoms and also informing the cattle rustling communities on the negative impacts of raiding, border conflicts and tribal fighting.

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