More Development And Stability Expected In Unity State In 2013 – Governor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The Unity State Governor, Taban Deng Gai has been visiting different churches during the season to celebrate and send his New Year message to the faithful.

“Since the independence of this Country the enemies of peace were saying that the people of South Sudan are not able to govern themselves and many of them will die of starvation which was totally un-predictable perception,” he said.

“ This State was transporting all types of commodities from the North as if we don’t know how to make them but now we are consuming our own products such as tomatoes, sheep among other, yet after the separation when the border was close we are able to sell and buy our own products,” Deng added.

The governor said that the government of the Republic of South Sudan signed a contract with an America company called Frontier to put up a refinery in Tangriel of Melut County in Upper and Russian Company called Safina to put up another refinery in Yonhial of Unity Oil field.

The refinery at Tangriel will be completed within one year and the one in Unity will be completed in five months’ time and the National Government has also signed a contract with Chinese company to pave the Juba, Rumbek, Bentiu to Tishwin roads.

“The National Ministry of Petroleum is in a process to supply us with electricity from Tharjiath’s power plant and Male oil fields that will serve the nearer counties of Koch, Guit and Pariang for time being before it reaches other counties,” he said.

He said that the people of South Sudan have been surviving without the oil for years and oil should not be the main concern but citizens need to look for other means of survival such as agriculture because the oil will not be there forever.

He said that since the separation, Sudan has been destabilizing security as it happened in Jau, Panthou and bombing civilians populated areas in many parts of South Sudan.

“The farmers of this state have suffered for many years for flood destruction, the state government is in a process to use a mechanism to prevent this serious disaster in coming year,” he said.

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