Commissioner Condemns Tearing Of National Flag By Unknown Criminals

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“This is our flag, the flag of national unity. Without this flag we are not a nation. Therefore this flag was not for nothing. This was the flag many people poured blood. Whoever had done this we condemn it to the highest level.  I do not have terms to condemn the act,” he said.

He said the national flag is a symbol of national unity and should be respected and that the criminals should be apprehended.  

“We are praying that the South Sudanese blood which poured for the sake of this nation will hit him. We are praying that God will arrest him by all means. We pray that God will deal him, said Omoro.

The South Sudan government in October issued restrictions on the use of state symbols including the Seal of the Republic, the National Coat of Arms, the Presidential Flag and the National Flag.

The government indicated that there has been rampant misuse of state symbols by citizens and business community at large as logos, billboards, advertisements and as business cards.

The guidelines indicated that the National Flag except as otherwise provided for under the provision of the National Flag Act, 2011 or any orders issued by the President of the Republic shall not be flown, displayed or used as part of the Logo of any public institution or Ministry, National Bodies, Political Parties or any other body corporate.

The national flag cannot be used as a drawing in non-official functions and occasions or as a drawing on private vehicles or a cover for any vessel or boat.

It cannot be used as a cover for coffin unless approved by the President of the Republic or Head of South Sudan Diplomatic Missions Abroad as the case may be.

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