Company Set To Light Up Torit Town

The Eastern Equatoria Commerce, Investment, Industry and Mining Minister Lorika Stella Brenda (L) meeting with the Krishna Saa Fabs Private Ltd Company Managing Director Nesanuru Doraswamy in Torit.[Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

The State Minister for Commerce, Investment, Industry and Mining Lorika Stella Brenda disclosed that the company was set to get started on the lighting project soon.

She disclosed the company, owing to its long experience has been lobbying to undertake the project but still the state government is making arrangements so that all goes well.

The Managing Director for the Company Mr. Nesanuru Doraswamysaid that the construction of the power supply could be done within six months.

The Minister disclosed the company is now following formal arrangements with the state government so as to enter into a legal arrangement as the company is set to start fixing 20 and 40 Kilometres of primary and secondary lines respectively saying they are in a critical stage to see into it that the MOU is signed.

He disclosed that the project will build 2,000 Kilowatts for two generators which are expected to boost power supply to light up Torit town and all this will be done in 180 days.

Mr Doraswamy said the sustainability of the upcoming project will be managed carefully as his Company will strategize a series of long term trainings for the locals on managerial aspects.

“People will be selected and be trained in special areas of management. My fellow long experience Indian men shall offer long term trainings. The objective is to make them manage and sustain their own project,” he said. 

He disclosed the prime purpose of the project is to light up the whole town including the market centre and residential areas of Torit.

The state government will be responsible to refund the loan which the officials declined to disclose the amount though the Company’s Managing Director revealed the whole project could cost up to about US $ 4 Million.

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