Yei County Authorities Vow To Protect Girl-Child Against Abuse

Yei River County Commissioner Juma David Augustine addressing the residents from Yei Town Payam at Kinji Primary school. He said the county is ready and committed to protect the girl-child against abuses. [Petia Suliman Loro]

The move comes after a pupil at Ronyi Primary School and two others from Lasu Payam were last month impregnated by their teachers raising concerns all over the media in the region.

The 35-year-old teacher at Ronyi Primary School was sentenced to a five-year imprisonment without bail.

While addressing the pupils, parents, chiefs and teachers from Yei Town Payam at Kinji Primary School, Commissioner Juma David Augustine said the county authority is ready and committed to protect the girl-child against any kind of abuses.

Juma said the county may revisit the five-year court sentence to the convicted teacher and make it up to 14 years in jail.

Juma said it is unlawful, unprofessional, and unethical for a teacher to develop a relationship with a pupil.

“It kills my spirit to see a small young girl, being pushed out of the school because, one man messes up with her life,” Juma said.

Juma said parents have entrusted the teachers to take care of their children in the schools, and to build them to become future leaders, but some teachers turn out to be “Devils”.

He added that parents should focus on the girl-child education to spur development.

“If we want to have a very successful society, we must focus on girl-child education,” said Juma.

He also raised concern on sexual abuse of some orphans in the various homes adding that an independent body will be formed to investigate and confirm the reports.

Agnes Roba, the acting Girl-Child Supervisor who is also the nursery schools inspector in the county encouraged the girls to have visions that drive them towards their mission.

She encouraged the girls to keep away from wrong friends who drive them into immoral thinking and practices.

Agnes urged the parents to stop giving out their daughters for marriage at the early ages, but rather send them to school.

Last month, students of Yei Girls Boarding Senior Secondary school raised concern of being harassed by boys, forced marriage and also being given too much work at home, those contribute to the girl’s poor performances in the schools.

Last year, the authority of Yei River County issued local order stopping under-aged children from entering the discos and video halls.

The County Authority also rounded up school going children who got involved in selling second hand clothes, and warned those traders using these children to trade in second hand clothes to stop it.

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