Academics Discuss Need For Good Relations With China

Director of External Relations, University of Juba Dr. Leben Nelson Moro said South Sudan and China have a shared interest. [Misuk Moses Mule]

According to the Director of External Relations, University of Juba Dr. Leben Nelson Moro, China is a very important country to South Sudan because of many factors particularly the oil.

He said that most of the oil companies in South Sudan are Chinese and that there is a shared interest to establish good relations.

“South Sudan has resources and China needs the resources for its rapid economic growth,” he said.

Despite the fact that many of the participants criticized China for bring double standards, he is optimistic that relationship between the two countries will work. He argued that what China wants to have a balanced relationship with Sudan and South Sudan.

The Chinese academics on their part said that the two countries will benefit from good relations and that China is keen to relate with South Sudan.

They said that China needs resources for its domestic development adding that their country needs the oil and the opportunity to invest.

Never the less, they admitted that in the past South Sudan and their country did not enjoy good relations but said that it is important to have good relations between the two countries.

According to them, South Sudan should use the alternative pipeline it intends to build to supplement the Sudanese pipeline and not to abandon it adding that abandoning the Sudanese pipeline is not a wise idea.

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