Unity State New Cabinet Sworn In

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Speaking after the swearing in ceremony, Caretaker Governor told the new cabinet that “these people who are singing outside will not ask you for money but they put their demand as a song of service delivery as they said we need someone to give us service such as clean drinking water, school, health and roads.”

He urged the cabinet to start a new chapter for unity, development and reconciliation with the neighbouring states.

“We must work collectively to unite our people, development and build reliable reconciliation and healing to our people, this is the message from our President when I was taking oath and the same to you today,” Wejang stressed.

He urged the new ministers not to forget all the made while taking oath and that they should strive to satisfy the people’s needs.

“Our government is a government of service delivery and a government of the civilians but if we fail to do so these records will follow us for life, let us work to deliver all these services needed,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the newly appointed Advisors, Honorable John Tap Malual Wuon currently the Advisor on Political Affairs urged the new cabinet to unite the people and forget all the differences.

“There is no group for Taban Deng Gai [former governor] and there is no group for Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang, we are all for this state and we must unite,” Wuon said.

Mary Paul Ngundeng, the minister of Social Development said the ministers should work harder to satisfy the needs of the people in terms of giving them clean drinking water, roads, schools and health services.

The commissioner of Pariang County Major William Deng Ayei said: “ I believe this government will solve all the problems and I and my colleagues in Guit County will work to solve all the differences that had happened recently and we must live as one family as before.”

Stephen Deng Lual, a citizen who was among the thousands gathered at the Secretariat General has welcomed the new government and urges them to make more changes.

“The last government has done its part but more are expected from this government and I know there will be more change to come,” Lual said.

Nyakoang Chany said that the residents are very happy on the appointments but he questioned that many of those appointed have been serving in the state.

“What need would they create to make change, I will be happy if their promises become true,” Chany said.

The Unity State Caretaker Governor, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang, announced new state ministers and advisors on 9 August just five days after dissolving his entire cabinet.

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