South Sudan Youth Urged To Lobby For Their Quota In Government Appointments

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Speaking to Eastern Equatoria State youth from different political parties during a workshop conducted by the International Republican Institute (IRI), the Program Assistant Mr. Wani Saki Michael insisted that it is crucial for the youth to know how best they could always work hand in hand with their politicians so they are able to demonstrate talents and education they have acquired.

He said the Youth could win support from veteran politicians as their politicians will have a chance to vet them time by time to realize the potential in youth.

Saki cited some neighbouring Countries like Uganda, Kenya, where youth take part in nation building and democracy and freely interact with their veteran politicians while lobbying for their representations at Parliaments including getting cabinet positions.

He blames the youth for always avoiding their politicians and begin throwing fault on them for any mistake they as the politicians might have made.

“It is very important to be together, get closer, let the senior politicians see you need something like knowledge and he or she will give or advise. As time goes, even they can offer positions to you as the youth. Youth must be part of the problem and solution and they should not stand for leaving their leaders do alone. It is wrong. Let the South Sudanese play roles in democracy to change the nation for better. That way development is grasped,” he said.

The IRI concluded the key training on the State youth, empowering them on how best they could play their roles in democracy and nation building.

The IRI’s Program Assistant Mr. Wani Saki Michael said the program was to make the voices of the youth heard in the Nation building as the aspiring youthful politicians successfully managed to receive training on critical issues relating to democracy including good governance.

He disclosed over 60 youth drawn from eight political parties such as the ruling SPLM, SPLM-DC, UDF, SANU, UDSF-Mainstream, ANC, South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF), attended the concluded training workshop in Torit.

The main objectives of the training included empowering youth to understand their political role in advancing democracy, strengthening the existing youth leagues as vehicles to enhance political participation on political processes both at the national and state levels.

He added that the training workshop gave strategies for engagement and youth participation in ongoing political processes such as the registration of political parties and the constitutional reviewing process.

Among the topics covered during the two-day training were; the role of youth in politics, introduction to democracy and good governance, the role of youth leagues in enhancing political parties, the role of political parties in democracy.

Wani disclosed to Gurtong that his training team ‘Youth Empowerment for nation building’, is one of the teams moving to all the 10 states of South Sudan to basically look and train youth on fundamental roles that youth can play in politics and nation building and creating an enabling understanding on principles of democracy in the country.

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