Residents Applaud Road Construction Initiatives

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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During the county’s road tour on Friday, the chiefs and the local residents welcomed the initiative of improving roads within the state.

Speaking to the state government delegation and the company’s representatives the chief of Achana payam (Akuak rak), executive Ayaga Ayaga says the plans to connect the county’s payams with the state capital is a great achievement and must be treated with a great due respect.

“The plan of connecting our payam with our county and to the state capital is great thing that we can all recognize and put forward as a historical achievement to our payam. The road is now our hope because nobody can die of hunger, sickness or related cases because this road will make the movement very easy for us and our children. Another thing is that our children and women who may be interested in accessing town necessary items like good clinics and well equipped schools, shall be easily transported to town anytime they need to,” Ayaga told the delegation.

On the other hand, the chief has insisted that his payam has been the county corridors as it borders Raja and Darfur hence he said that his payam has been used as the hideout for the thugs and foreign crooks as it used to have no passable road for accessibility.

Another resident says the road will reduce burden placed on women as it will be used for accessing health facilities and basic necessities that the payam lacks.

“This road when it first assessment came to our payam, it came as a dream. We were asked by the surveyors that what do we need as local residents in our payam, since we know the importance of road, that is why we opted for it and today here we are seeing almost completion of our road. We used to endure lots of problems as women especially during the pregnancy, many of our women lost their lives simply because they had no accessibility to the clinics or hospitals, any slight complication could kill a woman, and we see cannot happen anymore now because of this road,” Kong Ujieth said.

Ujieth further says that whatever it takes to make a concrete road in her county has already been paid for and now remains a time that they can enjoy full services of road with full concentrations on education and health facilities.

On the government delegation side, the state minister of Physical Infrastructure, Anguei Diing, urges the local residents to refrain politicising the construction of road but instead clarified that the works comes a part of the party’s work.

“This road is from the SPLM and the governments, there is no other person apart from SPLM that brought this for you, keep it in mind so that when anybody from other party comes and claims of owning this road then, forget that claim,” he said to the residents in Achana payam.

In his conclusive remarks, the deputy governor Salva Chol Ayat urges the Africa Kongdai company to double their service by erecting good schools and water points for all. 

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