Bor Students Urges Government To Evacuate Flood Victims From Schools

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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On behalf of the students, the school head boy Jacob Nhial Adak says they are not in a good mood these days due to the delay of the re-opening of the school’s third term.

Nhial says the school was supposed to open on September 9th but it happened that they found the flood-affected families resettled at the school.

He said that they were given an extra two weeks and come back yesterday so that the population inhabiting the school are re-evacuated by the government.

He assures that students have no problems with people who settled at school since they are parents and would like to start learning.

“We are not in a good mood, every citizen has a right to education, so we as students of Malek secondary school have the same right to education, so we need an immediate government intervention in order to evacuate the population and leave our school compound empty,” Nhial said.

The school principal Ruben Matiop was in the Mayor’s office to confirm whether those people are to be evacuated immediately as students are demanding or not.

Marial Paul Manyok urges the government authorities to evacuate people right away from their school because the period given by the state government has and the flood in several areas has normalized.

“I am tired of being at home, we have right to learn in this school and that why we are here today, so for my aim, I want to learn and if town Mayor is going to give us another one week, we will not allow that to happen again,” he said.

He suggested that the accommodated community is to be given only two hours for them to evacuate their items and leave the school empty so that they resume the lectures normally.

“We should have to be clear and clear again that these people must evacuate this school within two hours not twenty four hours,” he said.

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