Legislator Supplies Fruits To State Assembly, Seeks Support To Boost Production

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The members praised and thanked Hon. Peter Otim Karlo after he had generously supplied a sample of more than 500 pieces of ripened pawpaw fruits to them yesterday.

Otim comes from Constituency No.27, Magwi County SPLM, broke the news as he made his first supply of the pawpaw after he transported from his Constituency in Magwi where they are grown.

According to him, he decided to come out to sell the goods to MPs in order to demonstrate success utilization of Fridays allocated recently for cultivation by the State Government to civil servants plus constitutional post holders following every year’s announcement, to be used for cultivation.

He said apart from other cash crops planted more than 400 pawpaw trees at Ayii, located at about 80 Kilometres away from Juba in Magwi County.

Otim who commented that it was very important for him as an MP from the State to supply his colleagues with organic fruits, disclosed further his profit from sales of pawpaw’s alone since the start of the harvest has been recorded more than 2,000 South Sudanese Pounds.

Hon. Otim who encourages people to plant more in their various areas disclosed he has also been supplying the products to Juba weekly.

The Parliamentary Committee Chairperson of Agriculture, Okumu Robert Agan, noted that road predicament has been tying everyone down from brining in their farm products to the market and attributed the present supply success to the continuing works on Torit-Magwi road which has opened access of goods to reaching markets from rural areas.

Okumu hailed the State government’s initiative to grade the road beginning from Torit to Magwi town thus making it possible for easy transportation of goods from remote areas in Counties to the State Capital.

He also lauded one of the Chinese Companies currently grading the road to Lobone commencing from Magwi town.

The Legislator urged other Members to and supply more food from Lobone in Magwi County to the markets in towns like Torit that have less supply.

In April, Eastern Equatoria joined Central Equatoria State in dedicating Friday’s and Saturday’s as cultivation days for civil servants and constitutional post holders.

Governor Lobong explained that the move serves to enable government employees to have amble time to attend to crop growing or land tilling with ultimate objective to fight the ongoing biting hunger and increase food production in the region.

The implementation of the council’s resolution runs with effect from April to October this year. 

In a similar development, the resolution bans any idleness or playing of cards, dominos, ludo, pools, among other types of leisure activities during official working hours and cultivation days.

The resolution directed the state Ministry of Agriculture to develop modalities for this order as stipulated in the law adding that all bars shall remain closed during official working hours/days.

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