South Sudan Catholic Church Sends Help To Sudanese Refugees

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Tereza Akic Awan is the Chairperson of the Office of the Poor in the Catholic Church Diocese of Malakal said she was disturbed after listening to local radio programs with Sudanese Refugees screaming for the poor situation they have fallen in.

“I never slept for a whole night when I heard voices of Sudanese refugees over the radio stranded at Lelo looking for services that they could not obtain,” she lamented.

Mama Tereza said she felt weak and concerned and thought that she needed to do something to help the affected.

Tereza who has walked from house to house in search of clothes and soaps to be donated to the refugees has parcelled together a number of clothes she said were a help collected from every person found and willing to give.

“I brought this assistance from people who were willing to give and some assistance from the church. They are not enough but they will for sure help those that are in dire need of clothes and soaps,” Tereza said.

Mama Tereza said, “This help has been done abruptly by me. It was to come and visit you. Now I will go and inform youth office, the women office and others. They will make their contribution to cloth you because I can see that you have lost your clothes.”

Over 1,000 Sudanese refugees from Nuba Mountains in Upper Nile state called for humanitarian organizations to assist their deteriorating situation.

Suleiman Balula Juma is the chief of the 1,655 families who have recently trekked a long distance from Warnie Locality in Nuba Mountains to start their new life in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state.

He said that their life situation is not encouraging urging for people of good will and organization to support Nuba people who have run away from death of war but in new horrible conditions.

Lelo Camp in Makal County seems not to have been registered to receive the possible services rendered by humanitarian organization.

UNHCR and the Government’s Commission for Refugee Affairs began relocating refugees in Kodok and Lelo in Upper Nile to Ajoung Thok camp in Unity State.

UNOCHA reported that after arrival to the new camp, refugees received a package of assistance including family plots, shelter and access to education and livelihood opportunities there.

It said since mid July, over 2,100 refugees from Sudan’s South Kordofan State arrived in Upper Nile in very poor condition mostly women and children.

UNOCHA said hunger was frequently cited as the cause of flight, after aerial bombardments and ground clashes over the past years that disrupted farming and led to food shortages. Many of the refugees showed signs of malnutrition when arriving in South Sudan.

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