Activist Lauds Bashir, Kiir Summit

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Though skeptical, Lorna Elia, the Executive Director for the Voice for Change (VFC), a South Sudanese civil society activist, described the summit as “positive move” towards strengthening relations of the two countries though “needs to be nurtured.”

“It is a very good move and a very good gesture. But the problem with us is that, the two leaders had not been consistent in maintaining some of these agreements,” she told Gurtong in an exclusive interview.

Following Bashir’s second visit to Juba yesterday after South Sudan’s peaceful secession in 2011, together with Kiir, the two agreed on a number of issues including establishing Abyei Administration and police. They also agreed on opening of their closed-borders in an effort to boost trade.

“Personally, I was able to be moved that they reached these important points but whether it will be implemented or not, it is another question, because it is one thing to agree on an issue and it is also another to implement,” said Elia.

Sudan is being widely known of agreeing and watering down agreements.

However, with the improving face of relations between the two countries, Elia said: “We don’t have to loose hope. Lets us be optimistic that this time round it will be different and it will be accomplished.”

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