Woman Beaten Over Wearing Trousers

Wearing of trousers in Wau Town for ladies is prohibited [Gurtong]

This follows the security operation launched against criminal suspects in Wau last week. The lady who declined to reveal her name but said she works in a hotel met her predicament on Monday.

She said she was beaten in the morning hours as she entered Kush Airline office for a flight ticket to fly to Juba. “I was going to have a flight ticket from Wau to Juba so that I can go back home for my brother’s burial who passed away on 5th this month in Kenya,” said the lady.

“I first saw an army truck at a very high speed going towards the air port on the same way I was moving. They were in plain green and jungle green uniforms shouting at the pedestrians to get out of their way.”

“The truck went a few meters past me and stopped. After that they started speaking to me in Arabic which I could not understand. I don’t know whom they were talking to while one of them was moving to me. When he reached me, he started pointing at me with his wooden stick meaning I had to follow him. 

“This is how I realized that they were referring to me. So, I walked towards where they were, wondering why they were calling me as I could not reflect on any offence I had committed,” the lady recalled. 

She said while approaching the officers, they started beating her with sticks and ordered her to move into the truck and was driven to the police station. At the police station, she said she was beaten but a plain cloth officer came and asked her what she did to which she said she did nothing. 

“I was later told that I was arrested and beaten over wearing trousers which is forbidden in Wau Town,” she said.  

After the intervention of her friend, she alleged a fine of SSP100 was demanded but she did not have and was later released.

No comment could be got from the security officers by press time but last week, Wau Town Authorities launched a joint security operation against criminal suspects aimed at arresting girls wearing trousers, boys involved in plaiting hair and those found idle in groups.

“We have declared war against “niggas” and anyone found conducting disco at his home or in the hotel without approval will face a fine of SSP1, 000 while those involved in disco will face three months imprisonment,” said Wau Town Mayor Arkangelo Anyar Anyar.

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