Bishop Urges Staff To Support Peace Efforts

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

He said the fighting that started in a minute in Juba has now spread to days and now coming to a month.

While addressing the staff at his residential house on Monday, Hiiboro appealed to his the workers to work as a team and remain calm and also give right advice.

He further urged the diplomats in the diocese to develop a work plan that will guide them work during this hardship period adding that it should be in line to advocate for peace.

“As a staff what is your contribution to your brothers and sisters who are undergoing war as a church you are asked to pray and drop messages of peace to the parties involved in the violent,” he said.

He also told his subordinates to prepare themselves by serving enough food and should not waste any money during this period adding that drugs like pain killers should be stored in their homes respectively.

He further urged the people in Western Equatoria to contribute to their brothers and sisters and gather food items and fast in memory of those who have lost their lives and those who are still undergoing suffering.

“I want to assure that God has chosen this state to remain peaceful for a reason and the reason is he wants the people in this state to support their brothers and sisters with prayers that advocate for peace and reconciliation in the country,” he said.

The Bishop urged the people to stop unnecessary travelling this time and called upon the organized forces to use their weapons on realistic base that does not harm the children of God as no one has a right to kill.

He reminded the other church leaders to continue preaching the word of peace, unity and reconciliation among the people within the community and for the leaders to stay away from the heart of retaliating or revenge but rather be a source of peace.

Finally he called upon the president to develop a situation that can restore peace in his nation adding that his role and voice in this matter can be most listen by his people in the Republic of South Sudan.

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