Scholarship Students Sent To American Varsity

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

This comes following the completion of the required scholarship criteria which has been ongoing since September 2013 until they sat for exams in October in the same year.

Speaking to Gurtong during the farewell meeting of the students, the Acting Director of the ministry Garang Kuol Mabior says the ministry is privileged to have the first ever health personnel sent for further studies where they can help fill the gap as doctors are lacking in the state.

“This is a good luck to the ministry and to the citizens of Northern Bahr el Ghazal states to have their sons go for six-year studies where they can later come and help their people in the medical field,” Kuol said.

He also said the government has signed contracts with the students whereby their families will be paid lump sum amount of money to cater for their expenses while students get little amount to help cater for their pocket money.

“This was done as a resolution from the council of ministers that these students shall be employed by the state ministry of health during the period they will be away until they come back, and some of this money shall be taken by the families and some of it sent to them in school,” he revealed.

One of the students registered the gratitude for the opportunity given and promises to come and work for the ministry when done with their studies.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank state ministry of health and St George University for this scholarship. I would like to assure the public that I personally agree to the term given and willing to abide by it when I come back. My colleagues and I are emphasizing so much that we need to treat our community when we finish these courses,” Dut John Piol, one of the students said.

This is the first time that the state ministry gets free scholarship abroad with big number of students under the leadership of Tong Deng Anei who assumes office in June last year.

It is believed that if another scholarship appears in 2014, then the scarcity of medical personnel in the state shall turn to abundance.

“I am very happy for the chance I have got, because it is said that chance comes at a while and as such I am lucky to be among these students sponsored for these studies. This is a big gratitude to God and the ministry that have been continuously supporting us up to this stage.” Dominic Deng Tem, the state reproductive Health Coordinator said.

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