Fuel Shortage Hits Western Equatoria State

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

This follows the violence that erupted in the national capital Juba last month and has spread to other states in the country, affecting fuel supplies.

The violence has affected business transactions and has created too much fear especially to foreign companies operating in the country.

Yambio County is experiencing shortage of fuel which has hindered the activities and according to Andrew Mathew Farasi, a meat inspector in Yambio, there was no petrol for his motorbike at fuel station but on reach the station he was told there is no fuel.

He said he is too frustrated because he searched in all the petrol stations and there is hardly any fuel and the shortage might affect his work because it will be hard for him to go to his working place early in the morning and carry on tests on all the animals which are to be slaughtered for public consumption in Yambio County.

Meanwhile, Mr Thomas John who is a Boda Boda rider said that his motorcycle has no petrol since Monday and this has affected his business.

Mr Thomas added that the shortage of fuel will lead them to pack their motorcycles and stay at home and this will affect his family.

He however appeal to the petrol station managers not to increasing the price of petrol saying it might affect their business and also will lead to increase of transport fee, urging the authorities concerned to rescue their situation.

South Sudan imports most of the fuel used locally from the neighbouring east Africa countries. 

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