Minister Presents Draft Revenue Bills To Assembly

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The State Revenue Authority, State Consumption Fees and Surcharge Bill, State Stamp Duty Tax Bill and State Non- Tax Revenue Fees Charge and Rates bills were drafted in the current fiscal year 2013 to 2014 as proposals based to have one body that could manage revenues.

She said the purpose is to increase revenue collection in the state and guide the staff in the collection as well as to determine the performance of different ministers about revenue collection and their contribution towards the state budget.

“The revenue authority is intended to establish minimum standard and uniform mechanism for the collection of taxes and non tax revenue in the state,” said Rizik.

She also stated that the state authority is to have one body to manage and collect revenue in an independent administrative authority under the patronage of the Ministry of Finance to be recognize as Western Bahr el Ghazal state Revenue Authority which is granted powers and authority that are necessary to collect taxes within the state.

The functions of the authority is to administer and give effect to the laws or specific provisions of the laws set out in the schedule to this bills and for this purpose to asses, collect and account for all revenue to which those laws apply.

She also said the functions is to advice the minister on revenue implications, tax administration and aspects of policy changes relating to all taxes referred to in the schedules.

She said the state has also formed a board that shall be responsible for monitoring the revenue performance of the authority and shall determine policies related to staffing and procurement of the authority.

The non tax revenue fess, charges and rates 2013 is the revenue expected to be generated by various ministers, department and institution in the state and all their revenues will be collected by the revenue authority.

Meanwhile the stamp duty and fees bills are to levied on the documents related to commercial and non- commercial activities as appeared in the schedule adding that main objective is to give the legal and officials and character to the document and support the public treasury.

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