Youth Competition Concludes In Nzara County

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Speaking during the closure, Rev. Richard Ruben said the purpose of carrying the competition was to bring the youth and some elders together to unite them and advocate for peace using tradition drama, modern songs and also songs of worship.

He also appreciated Rev. Wande Nyamuse for the effort put to train the different groups since mid 2013 and urged the youth group to especially in the current situation in the country.

He appealed to the youth not to take part in any violence or take any side.

“Leave those who want to fight to do so because the reason is well known to them,” he said.

He urged appealed to the leaders to stay closer to their people to remove the fear they have got because the more you are quiet to your child in the house the child will begin to think whether he or she has wronged against you.

The competition brought 18 parishes together with Yabua Parish emerging overall winner in the competition and Rangu Parish winning in traditional songs and All Saints Cathedral Nzara taking the Modern worshiping song and discipline trophy.

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