Commissioner Urges Agencies To Speed Up Aid

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Many civilians have been displaced in the state following the fighting that escalated in the country with many fleeing to the neighboring counties and some to the villages of the state.

“The civilians lack shelter, food and non food items. They are just sleeping under the trees, no houses and food. They need urgent response,” he said.

The host communities for Akoka and Meluth told Gurtong that they have nothing at hand to support the needy people.

Akoka Commissioner calls for humanitarian support to rescue the civilians.

“We gave little we had and our host communities have been sharing what they had but now there is nothing to share,” said Daniel Yor the commissioner for Akoka.

The commissioner said that the rebels loyal to Riek have been doing the targeted killing in Baliet were a total of more than 80, 000 Ngo’k Dinka civilians fled the area.

Commissioner Tor, said that about 30, 000 civilians are now hosted in Meluth and 50,000 hosted in Akoka county of the state, adding that some people who have been displaced from within Payams have not yet been traced.

“Last week the Rebels loyal to Riek Machar Teny came and attacked the area with the fighting that lasted for four days until they were flushed out finally by the SPLA forces,” he said.

Tor mentioned that there has been a targetted killing in the county by the rebels groups and denied that the rebels have taken the County following the fights.

“I don’t know what taking of the town they [Rebels] mean when the SPLA government forces are in the area now,” he said.

Following the fights, the commissioner said that the civilians were displaced in the Payams of Adong, Abwong, Nyok-Kuach, Gel-Achol and Kuel.

Commissioner Tor decried the looting of properties by the rebel forces and killings of innocent civilians.

Most of the displaced persons include the women, old age group and children.

However, reports also indicate that about 75,000 displaced persons in Ogot payam of Makal County are also in dire need of humanitarian assistance as their population has grown big.

Meanwhile the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Coordinator in Upper Nile State, Makal County Mr. Aban Yor Akol reported that the number of displaced is huge and need urgent food aid and humanitarian support.

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