Bor Hospital To Resume Operations After Assessment

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Makuur Koryom, undersecretary in the ministry of health visited Bor to participate in mobilization work by the crisis management committee specifically on their part to access health care and services that are needed following devastation in Bor.

“I will be sharing this with state authorities especially state minister of health, this opportunity is for us to call upon our colleagues, the health workers who were working in Bor state hospital to return back for their normal work as soon as possible,” he said.

He says they have found level of devastation that had been committed in hospital as unprecedented especially Bor town when rebes over run the town and destroyed some of the hospital infrastructure.

He said that few structures are still in conditions which need government to work on them so as to get them back to normal operation, adding that one good thing is that although they have been attempts in one of drugs store the little have been damaged and medicines are intact.

“In the other store they took some items that are in use to them especially the mattress, motorcycles and other important items. The theatre is in good condition, it just need some clean up and same thing also for the emergency for the hospital,” he said.

He said that current situation has given them picture of what is needed to be done in Bor civil hospital for services to resume as soon as possible.

“One way of getting people back to the town is providing services, so we need to position ourselves before the people come back,” he adds.

Achol Ayom, the deputy chairmen of HIV/AID commission said that she doesn’t know who they may blame for the death casualties and destruction made by rebel forces.

“I didn’t know who should we blame if [the] handicapped are killed in Bor. Who on earth has a brain to do that. We need a lot to clear off not in the city alone but in our hearts and later see how this South Sudan will recover,” Achol told reporters in Juba airport on Tuesday after return from Bor.

She said that they are strong nation that can recover from all the atrocities committed, saying that they need people who committed those atrocities to pay back so that the country gets justice and be free from insecurity.

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