Western Equatoria State PAC To Scrutinize Revenue Authority Bill

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The state Revenue Authority Bill was referred to the PAC for scrutiny before the next discussion after the presentation of the Bill by the Acting State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Hon. Pia Phillip Michael.

Hon. Singira Robert moved the referral motion and was seconded by Hon. Fozia Margate Emmanuel.

The state Revenue Authority Bill 2013 is introduced to improve revenue collection and expenditure for both the state and the local councils.

In a related development, the Assembly in its seating number 15 discussed the county caucus report. Hon. Bage said they always stayed in the Assembly for three months discussing issues and then go for recess.

He said the reason for recess is to allow the state law makers go to their constituents to understand their basic needs lively hood, and challenges and how the government can help to improve service delivery. 

Hon. Bage urged the citizens to be proud of their representatives in the parliament because they are not just seating idle they are talking on their behalf so that services can be delivered to them (citizens).

Hon. Robert Singira, the chairperson of County Caucus, also the chairperson of Education Committee cited lack of water system in some counties and poor road facilities as they main challenges facing their community members.

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