Minister: Conflict Has Eroded South Sudanese Social Fabrics

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Paul Dhel Gum, the state Health and a caretaker information minister said the current political crisis in South Sudan was driven by “power ambitions” of the former vice-president.

“Riek Machar and his loyalists failed to come out with a clear socio-political agenda to enable them negotiate with the government and build a political stance,” Dhel said. “Moreover, the tribal militarization and underage recruitment proved beyond doubt that the rebel groups lost political direction.”

According to the minister, the current conflict eroded the social fabrics of South Sudanese which said should be strengthened as pillars of restoring hope and confidence among the citizens and to easily defeat the self-driven rebellion in the country. 

“False illusions and illiterate prophecy believed by the intellectuals to impose themselves in leading positions are well realized by conflict perpetrators and built on. They are pushing our country into merciless loggerhead,” Dhel said. 

The accommodation of various militia groups into the national army since 2005 in a bid to create a new united country, coupled with presence of small arms in the hands of youth in greater Upper Nile according to Dhel exacerbated the quick spread of the conflict from Juba to Bor, Bentiu and Malakal. 

Dhel said many of the politicians currently opposing the government; were either caught red-handed in corruption or were accused of embezzlement.  

Since the armed internal conflict broke out mid-December in Juba, supporters of President Kiir have continued to blame Mr. Machar for “power greed.”  

Nevertheless, the Machar camp blames Kiir of “dictatorship tendency”, saying they are fighting for a democratic transformation of the country.

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