Peace Returns To Luanyjang After Payment Of Blood Compensation

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Commissioner of Tonj East County has said that the warring clans in Luanyjang Community of Makuac Payam have reconciled and would like to forget the past as the government forms the community committee to monitor the payment of blood compensation to end the early September conflict in the area.

On September 7, the two sub-clans of Wun-Thuc and Wun-Adel clashed in an armed conflict which continued for about three days before it was quelled by the government security organs.

Hon. Madhol Chol Thuc revealed that the blood compensation, according to Dinka customary law, is being paid in form of cattle to compensate the lost lives in the conflict. Thousands of cattle will be exchanged among the two clans as per the number of dead casualties recorded from either of the clans. The awarded cattle will handed directly to thefamilies of lost ones.

The commissioner added that the appointed committee will work for peace and to report to the government administration any security threats that they might encounter among themselves or from external communities.

Thuc said that he is working closely with chiefs and pastoralists ‘leaders (mijok-wuot) to maintain peace in the area so that tranquillity and unity returns to Tonj East County before the beginning of the dry season.

Thuc said Tonj East and especially Makuac Payam suffered a number of attacks early this year with forces loyal to Riek Machar killing dozens of citizens and driving away thousands herds of cattle.

“I have been working closely with the youth leaders. I always urge them never to clash again among themselves. We are doing this because during the dry season most of our areas are being attacked by rebels from Unity State. So if that situation comes and find us with heartsof hatred then we will not defeat the enemy,” Thuc stated.

He said the best option is that the local communities should burry their differences and try toforge peace among themselves to work together with undivided hearts.  

“They are now responding to peace. After paying the blood compensation for the killing of 42 people and over 100 wounded; the pastoralists are urging the government to work out things quickly so that they come together as one people. That is what we want as a government we would only want to face the major challenge which is the rebellion,” he said.

He revealed that some pastoralists from Lakes state have come to Warrap’s Tonj East County in search of grazing lands. “On November 3rd, I conducted a big meeting with all the pastoralists in Makuac Payam. The meeting which we conducted at Wun-Cuei town centrewas very successful. Lakes State pastoralists were part of the meeting and I have instructed them to live cooperatively with youth in Luanyjang. They should bring their disputes along from Rumbek to my county and they agreed with me,” Thuc said.

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