Put The Nation Before God First In order To Succeed, Says Governor

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

The Governor of Jonglei State Col. Philip Aguer is calling upon the people of South Sudan not to forget the power of God in governance, nation building and peace in the country.

Governor Philip Aguer of Jonglei State [Photo by Juuk Mading]

By Juuk Othana Mading

Governor Aguer made the statement while speaking to a congregation at St. Andrew Cathedral church in the State capital, Bor.

“We know the power of prayers and when the government of Jonglei State is formed sooner or later fully, we will call all the Bishops and all the pastors and we will conduct a prayer before the inauguration and that will be a spiritual inauguration. We believe the liberation of South Sudan was not by power of the gun. Yes God gives you power but if you forget the power of God you will not succeed,” Aguer said.

He urged South Sudanese not to forget the power of God in nation building or else there will be no nation to build.

“There were times during the liberation we tried to forget the power of God and we failed but later on when we remembered the power of God we succeeded. For us to build a nation called South Sudan we must incorporate the spiritual power into our limited power as human beings,” stressed Philip .

“I believe in Jonglei state God is with us whether it is Jonglei State which is composed of Greater Bor or Jonglei State which includes Pibor, Akobo and Ayod, God is with us and we must succeed. We will not afford to fail. So if we have limited powers that will deraill us to fail, we will ask God so that we succeed”, he concluded.

The State Governor recently issued a gubernatorial decree appointing some of the cabinet Ministers, deputy Governor and an Advisor.

He appointed Gen. Wal Athiu Madol as his deputy, Mr. Ayom Mach as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and Suzan lith Aluong as Minister of Education, Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

Aguer further appointed Dr. Agot Alier, the former Commissioner of Bor County as Advisor for Political Affairs.

The appointment of other Ministers and Advisors from two counties of Duk and Twic East will be made soon.

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