Police Officer Sanjiv Bhatt granted bail

In a massive turn of events the Sessions court of Ahmedabad granted bail to the locked Police officer Sanjiv Bhatt. Sanjiv Bhatt is the IPS police officer famous for his outrage against Narenda Modi was put behind bars on September 30th a fellow police constable told the media that he forced by Sanjiv Bhatt to register an affidavit backing him in his complaint against Narendra Modi.

As he walked out of the jail he told reporters “Glad that rule of law has prevailed”

Sanjiv Bhatt launched a campaign against Chief Minister of involvement in the Gujarat riots back in the year 2002.

Sanjiv Bhatt claimed that he took part in a meeting in 2002 Feb in which policemen were given instructed by Narendra Modi that the rioters should not be stopped. He said he recalls Narendra Modi saying that it was very important for the Hindus to “vent out their anger”. He registered an affidavit stating his side of the story in the Supreme Court in April 2011.

Sanjiv Bhatt received a suspension by Police authorities in Gujarat for skipping work and using an office vehicle when he was off duty. During the hearing for his case, his lawyer claimed that his arrest was a organized by Narendra Modi and was a move aimed at destroying his imagine and the evidence he had against the Chief Minister.

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