Chinese people outraged at Little infant girl’s accident footage

china flag_pole_200_htease

china flag_pole_200_htease

Public in the capital of china are outraged after witnessing horrific footage of a child who fell casualty to two successive hit and runs accidents and then ignored by most who passed by. The incident has fueled a massive principles debate in China.

The horrifying footage was recorded by the security camera installed near the place of the accident which is located outside a hardware market in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

The subsequent footage shown in the clip posted on major video-sharing websites in China was very disconcerting. The van knocked the girl over, its tires rolled onto her small body slowly before driving off. Left lying in her blood, she moved a little bit but then seemed lifeless as several pedestrians and cyclists passed by. After that another small truck drove over the little child with trying to slow down.  More passers-by walked, cycled or drove around her motionless body without stopping – until a woman carrying a sack appeared ten minutes after the initial collision. Dropping her sack, she quickly moved the girl to safety and went to look for help.

The father of the little girl told the media that the baby girl remains in critical condition. She was admitted to a military hospital.

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