Julia Gillard Says Ministers Must Maintain Confidentiality

PM Julia Gillard has notified Australia’s ministers that if they look forward to be involved in free and frank cabinet discussions, they should understand their duty to maintain confidentiality.

PM Gillard’s statements came after the leaks of cabinet meetings last week that tabled her Malaysia Solution swirled the media. They came in the course of constant worry within the Labor Party’s Right faction about the leaks and the permanence of her headship.

On Sunday, PM Gillard focused on the association’s annual national council gathering in Brisbane. She denied talking about her speech, maintaining the affair was closed to the media. Evidently, Ms Gillard addressed 43 senior union officials and rank-and-file members and thrashed out her policy program on the economy, climate change, Queensland floods and strategy for a pulling out tax and disability insurance scheme.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says, “The government is paralysed while the faceless men try to work out who should be the next prime minister of Australia. I think it’s always a problem when Labor prime ministers have closed-door meetings with powerful unions. But I don’t think the unions should run the country … I think the people should choose the prime minister, not the unions.”

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