Pak US officers meet to settle ties

After several months of deadlock and no foreign ties between the two countries, high-rank officials of Pakistan and United States meet for the first time on Wednesday to negotiate over the terms and conditions to revoke friendly ties.

US General James Mattis and General John Allen, who is the head of NATO troops in Afghanistan, are on a visiting tour to Pakistan. The two have met with Army officials of Pakistan today and working mutually to improve ties between Pakistan and US, which got disrupted the last year after US drones killing 24 Pakistani armed forces individuals on Pakistan’s border. The matter raised political and social unrest in Pakistan with the nation forcing the leaders of the country to halt all NATO supplies going to Afghanistan via Pakistan and forced the officers of US to evacuate Pakistani airbase until further notice.

The reconciliation efforts begun after a cooling down period which allowed both sides enough time to reconsider their position. The President of US and PM of Pakistan met on the Seoul Conference in South Korea a few days earlier which is reported to have played a strong role in mellowing down the situation. The exact contents of meeting have yet not been released.

The spokesman of Pakistani military said, “It is the first high-level meeting after [the NATO air strike] and will focus on the inquiry into the incident and improvements in border coordination procedures.”

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