Malaysian journalist dies in a firearm accident in Lebanon

A 42-year-old Malaysian journalist died in a firearm accident in Lebanon. Claudia Theophilus was checking a rifle on Saturday when it went off accidentally. She was a web producer at Al-Jazeera English news agency.

According to the Malaysian ambassador to Lebanon Ilango Karuppannan, Theophilus did not survive the accident. She was rushed to a general hospital in district but was shortly reported dead.

Karuppannan said: “From what we were informed, Claudia and two Lebanese friends were taking a look at several rifles, when one of it accidentally went off. She was rushed to the hospital, but attempts to save her life were unsuccessful.”

An initial police report states that no evidence indicated that the incident could be of criminal nature. Karuppannan said the embassy was notified around noon and it immediately sent its officers to the hospital where they later received a post-mortem report. Theophilus’ family has been informed about the unfortunate incident.

Dora, Theophilus’ younger sister, reportedly said: “We received a call from the Foreign Affairs Ministry about 3pm today (yesterday) telling us that our sister was shot. However we are still waiting for further details, including the arrangements for the body to be brought back. We haven’t received any information except that she was shot to death. My parents are in shock that they both could not say a word since being told about the terrible news.”

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